Well-known Zero-day Vulnerabilities 2012 Summary

August 9, 2012

A zero-day attack or threat is an attack that exploits a previously unknown vulnerability in a computer application, operation system etc. Multiple zero-day vulnerabilities can be found each year. The following are the well-known zero-day vulnerabilities for the first half year of 2012. Dell SonicWALL coverage for these vulnerabilities and references are also listed:

With the deployed signatures, Dell SonicWALL has prevented the customers from being attacked. The following are the statistics within last 20 days:

2012 Zero-day hits

To better protect our customers, Dell SonicWALL has partnered with Microsoft on the MAPP program, and here is the MAPP landing page: https://www.mysonicwall.com/sonicalert/searchresults.aspx?ev=article&id=380.

In the above page, you can find all the Microsoft released vulnerabilities and our coverage for the past two years. Dell SonicWALL has been successfully cooperated with Microsoft for the vulnerabilities detecting and preventing, for example, the latest 0day vulnerability CVE-2012-1889, we have deployed the signatures at the same day when Microsoft released the public advisory: MAPP Partners with Updated Protections

In addition to the signatures of detecting 0day vulnerabilities, we have more than 200 shellcode detection IPS signatures, which proactively detects and blocks many attacks in the wild. The following are some examples of the IPS signatures:

  • 4569 HTTP Server Shellcode Exploit 8
  • 4573 Server Application Shellcode Exploit 10
  • 4574 HTTP Server Shellcode Exploit 10
  • 4584 Server Application Shellcode Exploit 17
  • 4598 Server Application Shellcode Exploit 3
  • 4601 HTTP Server Shellcode Exploit 11