Waledac Valentine cards

March 3, 2009

This week, SonicWALL UTM Research team observed new variants of Waledac worm spreading in the wild and using Valentine's theme. They send fake e-greeting card emails with a link to view an e-card to potential victims.

The websites used in this attack include:

  • adorelyricxx.com
  • adorepoemxx.com
  • adoresongxx.com
  • cherishletterxx.com
  • funloveonlinexx.com
  • goodnewsreviewxx.com
  • greatvalentinepoemsxx.com
  • orldlovelifexx.com
  • reportradioxx.com
  • spacemynewsxx.com
  • yourgreatlovexx.com

These domains resolve to different IP addresses every time they are visited. The filenames are also rotated. Some of the filenames used in this wave are:

  • Card.exe
  • cardviewer.exe
  • devkit.exe
  • download.exe
  • ecard.exe
  • install.exe
  • kit.exe
  • lovecard.exe
  • lovekit.exe
  • loveprogramm.exe
  • Loveu.exe
  • Luv.exe
  • Programm.exe
  • vcard.exe
  • viewer.exe
  • valkit.exe

When executed this Waledac variant is almost identical in its behavior to the previous variant.

The malware has very low AV detection at the time of writing this Security Alert. SonicWALL Gateway Antivirus will detect this new Waledac variant with GAV signatures: Suspicious#waledac.5 (Worm), Waledac.AG (Worm), Waledac.I_2 (Trojan) .

Here are some screenshots of the attack websites.