SQL Injection Attack Summary

October 10, 2008

The SQL Injection Attack is not new to the SonicWALL customers, but it is still popular. An article about it was released by SonicWALL UTM team two months ago. In that article, we have explained the details of this type of attacking. Also, we provided statistics data about the attacks around that time.

During the past two months, there are more SQL Injection Attack waves happened. The following figure shows the hits statistics of all the SQL Injection related signatures from June 2008 on. And it indicates there were three waves of attacks, and two of them happened in August 2008.

To provide more protection to the SonicWALL customers from being affected by the SQL Injection Attacks, the SonicWALL UTM team re-classified the SQL related signatures, and created a new category called SQL-Injection. There are 36 signatures re-classified into the new category. The detailed signature names can be found here. With this new category, the customers can easily manage the SQL Injection related signatures, no matter the signatures are in low or high priority.

Note that the figure is more accurate than the one from the last article because it shows all the 36 SQL Injection signatures instead of 11 signatures for the last time.