Coinminer employing LOLBins and distributed with multiple unstained components

May 26, 2020

SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research team has observed a Coin Miner using multi-component approach.


Infection Cycle

Malware is delivered to victims as a self-extracting archive file which drops following two files:

    • nur.bat
    • wmine.exe (GNU wget tool)

nur.bat starts initially and makes provision for additional malware download and execution besides removing infection footprints. It uses wmine.exe to download OS specific additional malware file from remote location:

  • noloadXP.exe (Windows XP)
  • (OSes above XP) contains a Base64 encoded executable file named “noloadn.crt” which is decrypted onto local storage as noloadn.exe, then executed.


Following command used to decrypt noloadn.exe :

  • certutil.exe -decode noloadn.crt noloadn.exe

Here noloadn.exe is an archive file packed using UPX 3.95. This noloadn.exe contains files such as, grim20.ime, grim40.ime, inst.bat, intl.bat, intlu.exe, mnzk12.dat, msletni.ime, nirco.exe, Resmin.exe, restr.exe, Ring, vget.exe.


Additional file information:

  • Resmin.exe and restr.exe are archive files, while grim20.ime, grim40.ime , msletni.ime are encoded cab files which later will be decoded by certutil tool and spawns executable out of it.
  • Vget.exe is a non-interactive network retriever Wget tool same as wmine.exe , malware author simply renamed Wget tool as wmine.exe and Vget.exe.
  • Nirco.exe is nothing but nircmd tool.
    By running NirCmd with simple command-line option, you can write and delete values and keys in the Registry, write values into INI file, dial to your internet account or connect to a VPN network, restart windows or shut down the computer, create shortcut to a file, change the created/modified date of a file, change your display settings, turn off your monitor, open the door of your CD-ROM drive, and more.
  • Ring is a .sys file which is later moved to system32 folder by renaming it as “WinRing0x64.sys”



                                            Fig1: commands present in nur.bat



                Fig2: Relationship between coin miner’s multiple components

System modifications

Following modifications are observed on the system after execution:

Files added:


Registries added:


SonicWall Capture Labs provides protection against this threat with the following signature:

  • GAV: Cheetah.MNR


Indicators of Compromise (IOC):  

  • MD5: 12154f30058cbdf167ed9d7eb1438ebe
  • SHA256: 4845254ed0e2d162d0e3bb95323ef106bd75bf24dc6d7b2371bab6704ae1c13c

Following are multiple components dropped by malware:

FileName Md5
nur.bat 8eefcaeed48be4eb4d6470330ccc24bf
wmine.exe a9ff569c7cc92998180b0a5f9acac852
intelrp.exe 11831c3dc5941b909a86d83211f0d591
renim.exe ( 32 bit ) 34611952dbbac503d1f1bdda5f5e5522
renim.exe ( 64 bit ) 4f0fca816bedb8f99ce764c1bff2e7df
grim20.ime 5dcbf2fb0043e0e7432f916ecbdd11e0
grim40.ime 425c2312cc45d22a187ee433a09f4179
inst.bat 95e74880eb068314055507540b25a0a0
intl.bat a322567b0553638fc9b9bd8d74e112c5
intlu.exe f3ca8234f60eba24604b5a9390d2fed5
mnzk12.dat 7829cb080d780f419ade0f031a66a985
msletni.ime b3bf512ffa11df457ed8c0c9b3c8133d
nirco.exe ba07f81d94c84bfbae096b304a3a9206
Resmin.exe e88cd2ecd091f6170e70eb73e90f8900
restr.exe b5cacef347a785d9cabbf0385a3c2717
Ring 0c0195c48b6b8582fa6f6373032118da
vget.exe 8eba146792a8a68c6e6992fee2071e23
dskdgnostbat.key 4ac6e2af5db82b97717c4f1ab45bd1c5 6745b4829fa9f0195c730d849f6500ba b9c240251c245f8e0ca7c1f54a6cdb5d
instll.bat d3033eb75ff326cf03bcde41a75b3c7d
stp.bat 79eb6c6f34ebc5c73fffea30cdcd7af2
subinacl.exe 53cdbb093b0aee9fd6cf1cbd25a95077
zada4a.xml 306d973bf0751c337e6239a58e35ff36
zada4a_descr.xml e0d29c37965bf8e40363113d02c3dd3d
hddsmart.bat 31c029b19aa8b23223319e0f01a12545
hddsvc.exe f3ca8234f60eba24604b5a9390d2fed5
ins.bat ded0a61a14b906b69fd9dc5fc46110a2
instsrv.exe 7bc1928cd1d6ea2bce5fdb1fdeac0b3d
smarthdd.exe 6eddcf70df22cd65b1cfa26de2513f32
DskDiag32.exe ( 32 bit) cbfdfcf530147abb18d9af84bb1736ae
DskDiag.exe ( 64 bit ) 7c74c7e6f478e28453e085adf6c2b298