Microsoft IE Vulnerability attacks spotted in the Wild

September 5, 2014

The CVE-2014-1815 vulnerability exploit is spotted in the wild. Following is the detailed analysis:

The attacker entices the user to visit the specially crafted webpage. If the user has an older un-patched version of Internet Explorer, the attacker is able to execute code in user's context and also crash IE.

The crash code looks like

The jscript is trying to access the freed marquee object. This leads to use after free condition which causes internet explorer to crash. The attacker is able to control the memory location EAX+70h

Data at memory address in ECX

Stack trace looks like

The attacker is able to download/execute suspicious file storm.swf under the user's security context.

Dell Sonicwall Threat research team has implement following signature to prevent this attack

  • IPS 3869: Internet Explorer Memory Corruption Vulnerability (MS14-029) 2