HP Photo Creative audio.Record ActiveX Stack BO

January 7, 2011

HP Photo Creations is a free software that helps the user create photo books, calendars, collages, greeting cards and other keepsakes that can be printed or shipped to the user. The HP Photo Creations can automatically make beautiful keepsakes or help the user to customize keepsakes with over 1,800 high quality artwork designs, 1,300 placeable graphics, placeable text boxes, custom fonts, borders, and dozens of photo editing tools.

While installing HP Photo Creative, an ActiveX control audio.Record is also installed and registered. This control contains various audio processing functions, such as recording, resampling, importing, etc. The registered ActiveX control is associated with CLSID "3EEEBC9A-580F-46EF-81D9-55510266413D" and progID "audio.Record". It can be instantiated in a web page using the tag or via scripting. For example:


The ActiveX control audio.Record provides a couple of audio functions, Resample is one of them. The profile of this function is showed as bellow:

 Resample(String in, String out, Int32 options) 

A stack-based buffer-overflow vulnerability exists in HP Photo Creative ActiveX control audio.Record. The vulnerability is due to a boundary check error while processing an argument passed to function Resample. As a result of this, an overly long string can overflow the buffer and overwrite other values on the stack. Successful exploitation would result in arbitrary code injection and execution with the privileges of the currently logged in user.

SonicWALL UTM research team has investigated this vulnerability and created the following signature to prevent/detect the attack attempts addressing this issue:

  • 6120 HP Photo Creative audio.Record ActiveX Stack BO

This vulnerability is referred by bugtraq with ID 45631