EVERBE RANSOMWARE actively spreading in the wild.

August 9, 2018

The SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research Team observed reports of a new variant family of EVERBE [Everbe.RSM] actively spreading in the wild.

EVERBE encrypts the victim's files with a strong encryption algorithm until the victim pays a fee to get them back.

Contents of the EVERBE ransomware

Infection Cycle:

The Ransomware adds the following files to the system:

  • Malware.exe
    • %App.path%\ !=How_recovery_files=!.txt
      • Instruction for recovery

Once the computer is compromised, the Ransomware copies its own executable into %Userprofile% folder and runs the following commands:

The Ransomware encrypts all the files and appends the . Everbe extension onto each encrypted file's filename.

After encrypting all personal documents the Ransomware shows the following webpage containing a message reporting that the computer has been encrypted and to contact its developer for unlock instructions.

Sonicwall Capture Labs provides protection against this threat via the following signature:

  • GAV: Everbe.RSM (Trojan)