CA Total Defense SQL Injection Vulnerability

April 29, 2011

CA Total Defense combines CA Anti-Virus, CA Anti-Spyware, CA Gateway Security and CA Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System to provide multi-layered protection. CA Total Defense contains a component called Unified Network Control (UNC), which is responsible for validating network accesses. Remote management to the UNC is provided by the Unified Network Control Web Service (UNCWS); the UNCWS accepts both HTTP POST and SOAP XML requests.

An SQL injection vulnerability exists in the CA Total Defense UNCWS. Specifically, the vulnerability is due to lack of sanitation of the modifiedData parameter in UNCWS requests. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending a crafted HTTP POST or SOAP XML request to the target system. Successful exploitation would cause disclosure or manipulation of sensitive information. Arbitrary code execution on the target system is also possible, given the availability of the "exec" SQL function.

The vulnerability has been assigned as CVE-2011-1653.

SonicWALL has released an IPS signature to detect and block known exploits targeting this vulnerability. The following signature was released to address this issue:

  • 6523 - CA Total Defense Suite SQL Injection